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About Us

A key benefit of working with us is our unique process for providing clients with an incredibly detailed quote.

Preview a step by step breakdown of a typical project below. We pride ourselves by providing our clients with an incredibly detailed quote.

We understand the frustration when outsourcing installations. After all, your reputation as a high quality Millwork Supplier is on the line.

1. Estimate

Every project starts in our Estimating Department. Once a design drawing is received, we’ll mark it up and colour code the different areas.

2. Calculate

We’ll then calculate the square footage and create an excel sheet to send back to a client with a breakdown on the costs for the installation.

3. Schedule

Once approved, our Project Manager will work with you to establish an expected timeline and schedule your installation.

4. Install

On the day of the installation, our skilled carpenters will arrive on site to carry out the installation as per the agreed upon specifications.

5. Contact

Contact with the client is kept consistent throughout the life of your project. You’ll always know what’s going on with your project.

6. Followup

At the end of the project, we’ll follow up to ensure expectations were met and that not only you, but your client is happy with the final result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and what regions do you cover?

We are based in the Greater Toronto Area, but serve clients all over Canada.

What is needed to obtain a quote for a project?

Contact our estimating department with your scope and accurate millwork shop drawings, making note of any additional project requirements such as electrical work, floor protection or scissor lifts.

What are your rates?

Our Estimating department provides competitive bids for all sizes and complexity of projects.

What type of work do you do?

Our experienced Carpenters can handle high end architectural millwork, high production millwork installation, and any project that you don’t want to pay someone twice to finish!

Impress your clients on time, every time.

Our team of professional, skilled carpenters will ensure they deliver customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding your project needs on time and on budget.